Anonymous asked: From generation to generation, hoodoo practices has been passed down, in my family. Most, if not all, of the women on my mother side are Christians who practices Hoodoo. I am very interested in hoodoo, however , I am not comfortable with the Christian aspects of it. I believe in God and also believe that there are other divine spirits in this Universe. I have a deep respect for my ancestors, but I do feel to the need to pave my own path. Can one practice hoodoo w. out the Christian label?


I’ve slightly had the same dilemma, growing up in a southern Black Pentecostal church (which is basically Hoodoo with a lil Jesus sprinkled in). Women were very prominent in my spiritual development as well, so you understand the goddess aspect of it. When I first left Chrisitianity, I shopped around a bit, claiming atheism, humanism, pantheism, buddhism, but that list is long. But I was still going to church for my family’s sake. It was actually a sermon against Hoodoo that sparked my interest in it lol. Then I started understanding the importance of ancestral inclusion, but I was still uncomfortable with the Christian elements used in Hoodoo as well, since Christianity had been so toxic to me in many ways. 

We have a lot of white “back woods granny” Hoodoo practitioners who keep saying that “the blood of Jesus” is the most powerful aspect of Hoodoo. My woman pastor said the same thing “PLEAD THE BLOOD.” Imo, I still believe that Jesus is so strongly in the forefront of their minds because of the deep psychological (forced) impact that the slave master’s religion/narrative had in the New World expression of the ancestors spirituality. People who deviate from the Christian symbols in Hoodoo believe that the real power comes from the Congo. But if you look at the Kongo Kosmogram, it is the symbol of a cross, here spirit meets humanity (which is essentially the function of Christ opening up divine passage to God for humanity…).

But, although I do not identify as Christian, I am at the place now where I am comfortable with seeing the Bible as a conjure book. One popular saying is that our ancestors saw a “bible within the bible”…as in, they masked their African powers with Bible language and imagery, cocooning it for the later generations to understand what they meant. People just don’t understand that Christianity was a capsule, and now it’s time to reclaim ancestral power.

Now, I can compare the Christ figure with Esu, connecting the idea of the crossroads (cross), the trickery (Christ tricking Death and the Grave), the connect between the mundane and divinity. So, it helps me to see everything as symbolism. 

But yes! lol said all that to say, you can practice Hoodoo without ID’ing as Christian. 

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Allow yourself to be a beginner. No one starts off being excellent.

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When consciousness is transformed things begin to happen, man operates differently, sees differently, feels differently.
Dr. Ivan Van Sertima (via specialnights)

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new altar/shrine/thing setup! my dad let me make a nest with his stone eggs :> happy spring!

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